2013 was a great year for Philippine cinema, but then you already know this.

20. BLUE BUSTAMANTE by Miko Livelo (Cinema One Originals)

One of the funniest films of 2013, BLUE BUSTAMANTE combines biting one-liners with a heartfelt story of fathers and sons. Also, a great tribute for those of us who were old enough to have experienced the Sentai wave on television.

19. OTSO by Elwood Perez (Sineng Pambansa)

Cinematic madness. A peek into the never-ending, and always changing process of creation that pits an aspiring screenwriter (Vince Tanada) against his own imagination. Featuring a hilarious turn by Vangie Labalan. 

18. ALAMAT NI CHINA DOLL by Adolfo Borinaga Alix, Jr. (Cinema One Originals)

A modern-day detective story told in a nonlinear fashion, where the line between truth and fiction is blurred, telling the story of a young woman trying to escape the clutches of unforgiving men who will only use her for personal gains. Featuring a must-see performance from Cesar Montano.

17. BINGOLERAS by Ron Bryant (CineFilipino)

A film that isn't really going anywhere, yet BINGOLERAS proves to be one of the year's campiest comedies, an unapologetic, oftentimes bizarre feminist tale of con women, policewomen, and M-16s. Yes, M-16. An ensemble cast featuring Maxene Eigenmann, Charee Pineda, Eula Valdez, Mercedes Cabral, Liza Dino, Hazel Orencio, Cita Astals and Mailes Kanapi could not get any funnier. Plus, hats off to Lou Veloso and the M16 scene, and Art Acuna's big revelation about his character- the best WTF scenes of 2013. 

16. ANG KWENTO NI MABUTI by Mes De Guzman (CineFilipino)

Mes De Guzman's brand of minimalist filmmaking and sharp sense of humor this time finds Nora Aunor as Nanang Mabuti, a woman living a simple life in the mountains, until a bagful of money falls into her lap. An interesting morality study about a woman being offered an easy way out, and yet her principle dictates otherwise. 

15. ANINO NG KAHAPON by Alvin Yapan (MMFF New Wave)

Two words: AGOT ISIDRO. 

14. QUICK CHANGE by Eduardo Roy, Jr. (Cinemalaya)

A heartbreaking peek into the life of Dorina, played with sheer vulnerability by Mimi Juareza. She brings beauty to countless of her gay clientele by injecting collagen to firm up particular body parts, but ironically, something in her isn't beautiful in the eyes of her lover (Jun Jun Quintana).

13. BABAGWA by Jason Paul Laxamana (Cinemalaya)

A cautionary tale about false identities and hidden agendas. Perhaps one of the best screenplays of 2013, if not the best. Joey Paras is compelling as the criminal mastermind Marnie, while Alma Concepcion's return to film is more than welcome, herein playing the mark of an elaborate scam. 

12. ON THE JOB (Erik Matti)

Finally, an action film that does not desecrate our intellect and self-respect.

11. ANG HULING CHA-CHA NI ANITA by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo (CineFilipino)

The first love cuts the deepest. Gets the accuracy of the first love feeling: overwhelmingly joyful and extremely painful.

10. SHIFT by Siege Ledesma (Cinema One Originals)

Devoid of any pretension and brilliantly capturing the rhythm and emotion of today's generation, SHIFT succeeds as an unconventional love story that also serves as a character study in a world equipped with fewer career options.

9.RIDDLES OF MY HOMECOMING by Arnel Mardoquio (Cinema One Originals)

Like a haunting dream, Mardoquio's silent film takes us on an unforgettable journey deep into the mysteries of Mindanao, as a soul returns to his homeland.

8. TRANSIT by Hannah Espia (Cinemalaya)

Beautifully written, shot, and edited, TRANSIT benefits also from its gifted actors, including a much-deserved Best Actress win for Irma Adlawan for her empathetic turn as a protective mother.

7. DEBOSYON by Alvin Yapan (Cinemalaya)

Religion versus folklore. Faith is the common denominator. A mesmerizing trip into the line that separates religion and folklore, or is there one to begin with?

6. SONATA by Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes (Sineng Pambansa)

Cherie Gil's performance as a fallen opera star is so filled with energy and charisma that tears are sure to follow: whether it be tears of joy or sorrow.

5. ANG TURKEY MAN AY PABO RIN by Randolph Longjas (CineFilipino)

A rare comedy that hits the Filipina-American stereotype dead center through the use of brilliant satire. Every line is inspired lunacy. Tuesday Vargas makes one memorable role as Cookie, the representation of the modern Filipina- strong, independent, yet besieged by prejudice.

4. EKSTRA by Jeffrey Jeturian (Cinemalaya)

A film tailor-fitted for the Star for All Seasons, a challenge accepted and won. EKSTRA is the film where Vilma sheds off her expressive body acting in favor of minimalist character acting. The last twenty minutes of the film may prove unbearable, even after repeated viewings.

3. BADIL by Chito Rono (Sineng Pambansa)

Just how fucked up is our electoral system in the country? Find out.

2. SANA DATI by Jerrold Tarog (Cinemalaya)

Critics are hailing it the "anti-romcom" movie. A film where you think you know, but you know nothing at all until the very end. A masterful combination of romance, drama, and suspense from maverick filmmaker Jerrold Tarog. A film that promises to hurt, really hurt.

1. NORTE, HANGGANAN NG KASAYSAYAN by Lav Diaz (Cinemanila)

A four-hour epic exploration of morality, justice, and redemption. An excellent showcase of acting prowess by Sid Lucero, Angeli Bayani, Archie Alemania, Mailes Kanapi, Mae Paner, Hazel Orencio and Soliman Cruz.

*Films not seen (didn't have the opportunity)
ISKALAWAGS by Keith Deligero
KABISERA by Borgy Torre
SITIO by Mes De Guzman
DEATH MARCH by Adolfo Borinaga Alix Jr.
LUKAS NINO by John Torres


  1. admin can i ask you where i can watch this online...? thank you and i appreciate it

  2. On the job and ekstra are available on dvd

  3. Where can we watch these masterpieces?

  4. So rare. I want to watch all of them (except that I finished watching Ekstra and Babagwa last year already)

  5. I recommend watching "Bukas nalang sapagkat gabi na by Jet Leyco (CinemaOne Originals)". It really hits the note of Filipino cinema at its finest depicting history and drama of our culture way back 70's and 80's.

  6. well actually maganda ang mga inidie movie nten, i watch some of them.. but the other hindi p where can i watch or buy it admin?

  7. I've watched Ekstra and I recommend it. It's a fitting tribute to all bit players in TVs and movies. Eye-opener and great acting of Santos... especially the last 20 minutes. I was affected by her acting to the character of Loida.

  8. I watched just two or three of these movies and I really loved it. Somehow, these kinds of film should be in the Cinemas rather than the ones who just want to gain money.

  9. Where can I watch this with English subtitles?

  10. Awesome post you have here! I will definitely check this out. I'm sure me and my friends are going to like it. You should also check out Glorietta movie schedule, I'm sure you'll like it! Anyway, thanks for sharing.


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