THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY (Mabrouk El Mechri, 2012)

You might best remember Henry Cavill from that other movie involving gold-plated gods and Mickey Rourke, and as the new Superman. Here, Cavill plays a man racing against time to save his family from unknown abductors. What do the abductors want in return? No, not money. They're not that rich, and this isn't RANSOM or MAN ON FIRE.

What they do want is a briefcase containing sensitive intel. A rogue government agent has it, and poor old Henry is the pawn in this chess game. 

Okay, I can take the spy stuff subplot, or Siguorney Weaver kicking ass and taking names, but what doesn't follow in THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY, is how Cavill's character, who isn't a cop, a soldier, or Jason Bourne, is able to leap several stories down, and still be able to keep on going. Yes there's some difficulty in walking, but the guy should have at least been in a wheelchair. Not shooting people. Not running like a madman.

It is a popcorn flick, and although flawed, there are moments to enjoy. Siguorney Weaver's grin is diabolical if I may say so.

This could have been great stuff if they didn't portray Cavill's character as bionic.



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