IN TIME (Andrew Niccol)

*may contain spoilers

IN TIME has an intriguing enough premise: in the near future, people stop aging at 25, and from then on everyone is left with only a year to live unless you are rich and can buy off more time-the other alternatives are either to win time in a fight (a la arm wrestling) or steal. However, big corporations are manipulating the system to ensure their survival, and there are policemen who hunts anyone who breaks that system.

The story's hero is a common man, Will Salas (Justin Timberlake), a factory worker living in the ghetto, who goes after the faceless corporations after the unjust death of his mother (Olivia Wilde). Infiltrating the ranks of the rich and elite, he is forced to kidnap Sylvia Weis, the beautiful young daughter (Amanda Seyfried) of a time businessman (Vincent Kartheiser) in order to elude capture from timekeeper Raymond Leon (Cillian Murphy) and his men.  Sylvia unexpectedly becomes drawn to Will's cause, and her life's lack of thrill makes her side with him. 

On the surface, IN TIME astonishes, with the time imprinted on the characters' arms, the dark dystopian design of the sets, and yes, Amanda Seyfried's wig which is sexy. The philosophical, economic and moral overtones are also remarkable, because the movie touches upon issues of social classes, capitalism, genetic engineering, and survival of the fittest. 

The film's major letdown is the glitches it fails to see. The film's climax, whereas Will and Sylvia are running towards each other in order to replenish their time, is classic, non sequitur example of sequences intended to evoke some sort of drama. They just stole one million years from Sylvia's father, I mean why not use some of it so they won't have to run like mad?

Also, since the film already showcased Sylvia's character as a young, innocent bombshell, writer/director Andrew Niccol could have shown more skin of Seyfried, or at least make her presence a little more sexier. Niccol doesn't fully realize the capabilities of Seyfried as an actress, and maybe as a sex symbol, and doesn't know what to do with her. (Atom Egoyan knew.)

There are at least two sequences ripped off from INCEPTION. You be the judge.

Even Cillians Murphy's character is confusedly written. Is he an ally, a foe, or is he both? 

On the high end, IN TIME makes a vivid standpoint during the first act, where even the privileged few who 'can' live forever get bored and disillusioned, too. Yes, no one should live forever. Theoretically, it would be an anarchy. First it would start as capitalism, then anarchy.



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