There are films that make you think due to its pileup of mystery. Then there are films who make you think, but there's actually nothing there. VANISHING ON 7TH STREET, from director Brad Anderson (THE MACHINIST) belongs to the latter.

Working in a post apocalyptic Detroit setting, VANISHING reminds of I AM LEGEND, but the latter makes much more sense; VANISHING does not offer even the slightest hand of explanation, or logic, it's just that people vanish into thin air leaving behind their clothes and possession. In the wake of this phenomena, four people hole up in a bar trying to survive the darkness out to get them.

Basically it's a 90 minute-film which leaves you begging for answers, only to be disappointed. It's really a love it-or- hate it film, and for me it was really a major waste of time. Sad, because I really admired the shock value Anderson once exhibited in THE MACHINIST.



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