GREEN LANTERN (Martin Campbell)

In terms of visuals and musical score, GREEN LANTERN, the latest movie to spring out of a DC comic book, never fails to entertain. Do not count on the story part, though. The plot is a major letdown.

You got aliens from another world, a warrior escaping to Earth (SUPERMAN much?) and a human who inherits a power which transforms him into a superhero, that enables him to save his planet from destruction (feeling familiar?); then there's a government conspiracy (just like any other Emmerich or Michael Bay movie) and before we know it, Blake Lively is nothing more than just a damsel in distress, brought out for ornamentation. And for the record, the attempt to be TOP GUN or even STEALTH is way lowbrow. 

There are still fun moments in the film, like when Lively already knew that Ryan Reynolds is the GREEN LANTERN, and....I think that's basically it.

Tim Robbins and Angela Bassett co-star as unnecessary supporting characters meant to extend the running time.

Peter Sarsgaard at first appears convincing and creepy as a science professor slowly going mad, but later on even his acting prowess is overpowered by the shamelessly derivative script. There is nothing new in the story of GREEN LANTERN as far as superhero films are concerned, and this is what bothers me the most. I cannot name one.

I don't quite know if this is fit for children's consumption, because the images are pretty scary the young audience might develop nightmares.

And I believe a sequel is underway given the (twist?) ending. Please, please, please do not hire the four scribes who were involved in this fiasco. Martin Campbell, redeem yourself! 

RATING: 2/5 


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