WHEN IN ROME (Mark Steven Johnson)

Those who went and saw this movie expecting some sort of higher aesthetic cinematic value must be mad. I only saw it because of Kristin Bell.

But not even her charm, or her perkiness, or Josh Duhamel's suaveness can salvage the movie's lack of imagination. In summation, it's a formula film right down to the core, featuring characters who are lifted off of templates, and a rollercoaster ride that ends in textbook romcom fashion.

But for someone looking for a light movie, there's plenty to be enjoyed here. The quad ensemble of Dax Shepard (ZATHURA), Will Arnett (LET'S GO TO PRISON), Jon Heder (THE BENCHWARMERS) and Danny De Vito (BATMAN RETURNS) are hilarious, especially when they torment Bell's character Beth across New York City. Nevertheless, the story's plausibility can be compared to the existence of Santa Claus. 

One more scene which does not make sense: during the climax, Beth drops a poker chip from the fifth level of the Guggenheim, and the chip rolls down all the way to the ground floor. Again, if your film's plausibility is a laughingstock, why not go all the way after all?

And we're supposed to believe the culprit is the priest? Wait until the church hears of this poker-playing priest.

The extra star in the rating is for Anjelica Huston's (who plays Beth's boss) piercing stare during that scene where Beth asks for a two-day leave to attend her sister's wedding in Rome. Move over, Miranda Priestley.

At least there was one catchy line, which was said by Beth during her sister's wedding: "This marriage has the shelf life of a banana!"



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