I don't know what the critics are raving about this latest superhero movie. I mean it's an enjoyable popcorn flick, and the action is pretty good. Plus, the focus on the little guy who can also become a larger than life hero is notable, but come on, between XMEN FIRST CLASS and THE DARK KNIGHT, CAPTAIN AMERICA is generic. 

I still haven't seen THOR. The teaser for THE AVENGERS sure whets the appetite.

But let's go back to CAPTAIN AMERICA. The pitfall of most superhero films is that they start at the very beginning and work they way to the end in a linear fashion. I guess not everybody can be Christopher Nolan. But with due respect for Joe Johnston, CAPTAIN AMERICA works best when the story emphasizes on the humility of its lead character. Chris Evans is truly superhero material. He previously played THE HUMAN TORCH in FANTASTIC FOUR, and I am surprised and delighted he didn't bring any notion of his Johnny Storm ladies man, full of hijinks character in CAPTAIN AMERICA. 

And I feel that Hugo Weaving is miscast. Sure he can pass as a Nazi, but the character is so one-sided that all of Hugo Weaving's talents may have actually gone to waste. How dare them do that to Agent Smith and V?

Then again, it's a popcorn flick so what can you expect? When Captain America starts wielding his shield, the film starts to get interesting, though a bit forgettable. It's not annoyingly loud like TRANSFORMERS 3, but there are not enough scenes for the viewer to relate to, like IRON MAN. 



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