So what was it really all about? Sure you enjoyed the bullets flying, the metal bashing, the nice piece of ass that is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley AKA Megan Fox replacement, and maybe the reunion of Coen Bros. regulars John Turturro and Frances McDormand, but what was the story really of Transformers 3?

Add in a dash of historical conspiracy (didn't XMEN FIRST CLASS already come up with that?), and another confusing plot line that spiraled out of nowhere and you get TRANSFORMERS 3. 

Basically, Bay's formula is bigger explosions, bigger guns, sexier girl, and cram it all up to shy away from the fact that Ehren Kruger's script (with all respect to her and her magnanimous achievement in THE SKELETON KEY) is so paper thin. Bay however is raking in millions fooling everyone, including me. But I only watched it by default; it was either that or MONTE CARLO.

If we can dish up something good out of TRANSFORMERS 3, it's that Shia LaBeouf really is leading man material; only he and John Turturro and a surprising turn as a villain by Patrick Dempsey (oh no, spoiler alert! but then again I guess you've already seen the film) shone in this film- the rest are stock characters.



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