AMOK (Law Fajardo)

AMOK is many things. Call it an updated CRASH. Call it a Scorsese fest minus the mob. Call it the ROTONDA of 2011. Nevertheless, AMOK captures the fast and brutal streets of Metro Manila where lives intersect and eventually clash.

What makes AMOK worth watching is the event which triggered all mayhem in the movie, which is a very senseless argument. As testosterone levels go through the roof, innocent people get shot at, ego maniacs get what they deserve, and the unexpected happens. 

Gary Lim is enormously compelling; so is Dido Dela Paz who both play urbanites at each other's crosshairs. Mark Gil's segment is hilarious (there goes your tribute to stunt actors) and it's good to know that Efren Reyes, Jr. is still acting. Here he plays a crooked cop hatching an arson plan. I keep remembering his terrific portrayal of a gay friend to Richard Gomez's character in BABAE SA BINTANA.

Beautifully photographed, scored, and edited, AMOK showcased Pasay Rotonda in all its rawness and murkiness, its unpredictability, and the consequence of survival. If we learned anything from AMOK, that is never point a loaded gun to someone when you don't have the balls to pull the trigger.



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