RUBBER (Quentin Dupieux)

This is hands-down, one of the craziest and funniest slasher comedy film you'll ever ever see. 

Featuring a tire (yes, the round thingy!) as the film's serial killer, the story has the characters breaking the fourth wall, doing self-analysis of the movie in which they are in, and all the while detailing notes about cinematic genres and culture. Quentin Dupieux's first major cinematic outing is a breathtaking, subversive take on Hollywood and the audience's common expectations on known genres.

Treated as a human being that thinks, breathes, and feels- the tire aptly named Robert roams around a desert town killing people, in pursuit of a beautiful woman (Roxanne Mesquida) whom he (or 'it') can never have. Meanwhile, characters observe the happenings from a distance, and the plot mixes the imagined and reality into a funny and tragicomic ending.

Madness? Maybe. But if we allowed Freddy Krueger to murder people in their sleep, or Michael Myers to become so freaking immortal, then why couldn't a tire become a lethal killing machine? Seeing RUBBER and the location on which it is set, I am reminded of Javier Bardem's "Anton Chigurh" in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. He is a cold-blooded murderer who had no excuse for that distateful hairdo, and yet we awarded him the Oscar. Go figure.



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