BURLESQUE (Steven Antin)

BURLESQUE is entertaining where it counts, thanks to Stanley Tucci, and to Cher's authentic turn as a performing mentor to young Christina Aguilera, but the film struggles with too much genre cliches that almost nothing separates it from usual follow-your-dream stories.

Girl from small town going to the big city in pursuit of her dream. Check.

Conniving rival sworn to bring the protagonist down. Check.

Seasoned mentor showing girl from small town the ropes. Check.

Stanley Tucci doing the same role as in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Check.

Dreamy but wimpy guy who will eventually end up with the girl from small town. Check.

Suave guy who turns out to be a jackass. Check.

Unnecessary character. Check. (Sorry, Dianna Agron)

I felt like I've watched CHICAGO sans the politics, mixed with some STEP UP and COYOTE UGLY.

Oh dear we are in trouble.

RATING: 2/5 


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