FAST FIVE (Justin Lin)

Guns blazing, bullets flying, and cars flipping. Exactly what you'd expect from a FAST AND THE FURIOUS sequel. 

This is a much anticipated movie for a lot of reasons: first, Michelle Rodriguez dying in Part 4 is simply unacceptable; second, the storyline in said movie is too thin to be remembered, and lastly; there's not much action.

FAST FIVE solves all of that. THE ROCK is a nice addition; he gives a legitimate character to the plot. 

Like a hybrid of OCEAN'S ELEVEN and ITALIAN JOB and GRAND THEFT AUTO and NEED FOR SPEED: CARBON, yeah that pretty much sums up the movie. Tyrese and Ludacris provide comic relief, and the action is relentless. I just somehow wished they'd stop using Joaquim De Almeida as the bad crime lord; he played said role too many times already.

FAST FIVE is a popcorn flick, but it has the most coherent story in all FAST AND THE FURIOUS films. And believe me when I tell you they almost brought all the characters back (except Devon Aoki). 

If you were paying close attention to this review, you'd see the hidden spoiler.

RATING: 4/5 


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