MEGAMIND (Tom McGrath)

I was surprised at MEGAMIND. Though I was hesitant at first, thinking it is a ripoff of DESPICABLE ME (at least the bit about the minions in MEGAMIND was obviously lifted shamelessly from said movie), the film actually has a big heart, and the sidekick conveniently named Minion (David Cross) is so funny it hurts.

I like films who bend the genres. This time, the superhero genre is given a new twist when the bad guy becomes the good guy (or vice versa, if you will). Will Ferrell lends a cool voice to Megamind, and for a second there maybe he's more effective doing CGI animation than in flesh and blood. Tina Fey is Tina Fey, and an almost unrecognizable Brad Pitt as the stereotypical hero Metro Man is a brilliant addition. Even Jonah Hill is enjoyable.

Like WATCHMEN, MEGAMIND gave us something new about superhero tales. And for that alone, I am humbled never to judge again before seeing anything.

RATING: 4/5 


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