I liked the first film. I thought it was an unsettling comedy which showcased Robert De Niro's comedic side. The second one was also good, thanks to Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman. This one, they changed the director (with all due respect to Paul Weitz whose CIRQUE DU FREAK: THE VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT I loved so much) and ran out of jokes that the focus turned on more sex and THE GODFATHER references.

While some of THE GODFATHER jokes are quite funny, the film itself in its entirety, is not. The plot springs left and right without cohesion, and Jessica Alba plays another stereotype. Even Barbra Streisand is reduced to a TV sex guru, while Dustin Hoffman is a wannabe flamenco dancer.

There's some fine plot points in LITTLE FOCKERS, like the relevance of the erectile dysfunction drug to old age and  Blythe Danner role playing with Robert De Niro to rekindle their intimacy, but most of the story is rehashed. When will Jack Byrnes stop obsessing about conspiracies in his 'circle of trust'? The shit is tiring, and Owen Wilson isn't funny anymore as Kevin, the obnoxious ex-boyfriend to Teri Polo's Pam.

Like what happened to NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2, a sudden shift in career to Ben Stiller's character isn't gonna work. The script should have sticked to more relevant family issues like the pressures of work affecting family time etc etc.

At least there won't be a Part 4. That we can be sure of.



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