One thing is for sure: Matt Damon and Emily Blunt have an onscreen chemistry that sizzles everytime they are at proximity. I don't know. They look beautiful together. 

The story is interesting enough. People are comparing it to INCEPTION when it's more like THE MATRIX, with all that doors and stuff. At times, the film manages to be predictable then throws you off course completely. The only problem I have is the underlying philosophical theme concerning self-governance, destiny, and all that conspiracies. With the members of the Adjustment Bureau dressed like the FBI, could it be a satire of the FBI? The spoiler could be in the very title of the film. 

Nevertheless, it is adapted from a Philip K. Dick short story so I have the utmost respect. 

Matt Damon is charming as a rising politician, who meets a ballet dancer (Emily Blunt) and that single encounter will govern the rest of their lives forever. The only problem is that they are not meant to be together, says the Bureau, and there goes a wild goose chase across New York. 

Blunt is radiant than ever, like her Queen Victoria portrayal, but without the need to impose authority and firmness. Her Elise character here is so heartbreakingly human that she shatters the emotions with her doubts and downfalls. 

Ironically, there is a previous Elise character in another thriller chase movie, involving A-list leads whose chemistry is that of a metamorphic rock. Clue: it is a remake of a French movie.

While the Sci-Fi angle of the film I did continuously question on and off throughout, having known it was Philip K. Dick's idea made me accept such. His credibility in Sci-Fi is that solid. 

For what it's worth, THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU gives high importance to the value of "perseverance", and like the Rolling Stones song said "You can't always get what you want, but if you try get what you need". 

Compelling supporting performances by Terence Stamp and Anthony Mackie by the way. 



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