YOGI BEAR (Eric Brevig)

What can I say? YOGI BEAR is really a family film, and despite the negative reviews I still watched the film. I saw this with my college friends, and we were howling from start to finish. The laughter never stops. Imagine grown men rolling in laughter.

The film features impressive visuals, a good-ol battle of the small people VS the opportunistic goliaths, and Anna Faris' cleavage in 3D. 

Finally, they put the 3D medium into good use. The story is cliched, but gags and the cuddliness of Yogi and Boo-Boo save the movie. 

"I'm smarter than the average bear," quips Yogi. I'd rather see this repeatedly than that shameful ripoff of DESPICABLE ME entitled MEGAMIND. But I will see Megamind as well just for objective criticism. 



  1. "Aray! Tinamaan ako"

    The 3D definitely works. More than the film itself, one should not miss watching the movie with three grown men who are breathless after guffawing scene after scene. If anything else, that's priceless!

    PS. I love the 3D water effect. It plays with my mind oh-so well.


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