FASTER (George Tillman, Jr.)

First of all, it is so nice to see THE ROCK in a film that doesn't involve aliens, kids, or fairies. Not anymore. 

FASTER is a smooth-moving action vehicle, hindered only by a miscast Oliver Jackson-Cohen as the egocentric assassin and a plot fresh out of KILL BILL, minus the wit and style. For what it's worth it features one actor who enlivens the movie: Billy Bob Thornton. The guy can really play a complex character.

Yeah, and for a film entitled FASTER, the action is not fast enough. The scenes are predictably constructed, save only for that encounter with a reformed killer towards the ending. 

Like what I said, it is nice to see The Rock back in action gear, but FASTER doesn't have the playfulness of THE RUNDOWN or the grittiness of WALKING TALL. Any other film starring The Rock aside from those mentioned above I'd grade of lesser value. Heaven spare us from another RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN.  Or TOOTH FAIRY. 

RATING: 2/5 


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