SECRET WINDOW opens decently enough, with Johnny Depp up to his usual quirky character. It won't be long until you realize that no other actor can play Mort Rainey, the eccentric writer and main character from Stephen King's story. The role was destined to be for Johnny Depp. 

There is also enough mystery to propel the movie forward. The appearance of a shady character named John Shooter (played with much gusto by John Turturro) who accuses Mort of plagiarism gives SECRET WINDOW an enigmatic feel. The plot however becomes predictable by the second half, and you'd already figure out who is doing the killings. Saved only by a haunting finish that keen viewers will have seen coming miles away, thanks to some foreshadowing, SECRET WINDOW I guess would have been enjoyed better in print. 

Nevertheless you'd be quite mesmerized by the effort they've given to the setting, production design, and musical score. Depp is good here, but the material really is hokey. 

One thing's for sure. I'm not eating corn anytime soon. 

RATING: 3/5 


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