A German boy befriends a Jewish one; an electric wired fence divides them; neither one of them has any idea what the heck is going on around them, or the fact that they cannot be friends.

Heartbreakingly genuine, like fresh out of a beautifully-written book (and it is based on a book, really) THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS retells the holocaust in a toned down but equally powerful manner, through the eyes of children.

Asa Butterfield who plays the German boy Bruno is exceptionally talented. He knows how to dra wout his emotions; same goes for Jack Scanlon who plays the Jewish kid Shmuel. David Thewlis is also magnetic as an SS Officer and Bruno's dad, but it is Vera Framiga (the mom) who steals the show, as always. 

About twenty minutes before the credits roll, I figured out the plot twist, and my mouth was wide open for like twenty minutes for such disbelief. 

Having seen this I felt like I was able to have vengeance on the Nazis, even if I am not Jewish. But this film is not about payback, but rather the bittersweet period of innocence  basic to the stage of childhood.



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