THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE is escapist cinema, and a good one at that. It is definitely better than both National Treasure movies, especially the second one which is a trainwreck.

Jay Baruchel works well as the Apprentice. His voice adds sarcasm to his nerdy character. Think Hiccup of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON in human form (which Baruchel, by the way voiced). 

This is the most fun one can have with Nicolas Cage in years. Whereas his BAD LIEUTENANT is trippy, and KICK ASS is cranky, his Balthazar here in SORCERER'S APPRENTICE is eccentric and right on with the jokes.

Even Alfred Molina works as the typecast villain. His humor and charm does it.

The story is formula, though. But hey, we saw this movie for the spectacle in the first place, right?



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