ROME AND JULIET (Connie Macatuno)

There are not many lesbian local films around. Gay, yes but lesbian, no. However, ROME AND JULIET can hardly be called a lesbian film; Connie Macatuno staged her scenes so well that any notion of homosexuality is set aside, rendering the story as a normal love story involving humans fighting for their relationship.

In fact, ROME AND JULIET neither condemns nor condones homosexual relationship. We are shown that being a lesbian isn't something that you planned on becoming for a long period of time- the thing is, it just happens. Maybe, because of the environment, or repressed feelings. 

Opposing characters headline the story of the film. Juliet (Andrea Del Rosario) is the prim and proper school teacher who is set to be married to a politician (Rafael Rossell). Rome (Mylene Dizon) is the independent and  dominant florist who eats men's bones for breakfast. When they meet, an uncontrollable attraction ensues, and neither of them don't know what it is.

It's romantic and fascinating to notice how the relationship between Rome and Juliet blossom into something special. We see hindrances along the way, and the painful social stigma associated with homophobia. My only setback is that in the end, after all they've been through and after that colorful and painful exodus, she gets "that"? The ending seems forced.

See for yourselves. I won't spoil the ending. Great musical score though.



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