NO STRINGS ATTACHED is another cliched-ridden Hollywood romcom flick salvaged only by its two charming leads. The script gets real compelling when it wants to, and utterly stomach-churning corny during unguarded moments. Kutcher's line in the ending scene is unforgivable.

But at least there's a new take on modern relationships, or does it seem fresh only because Natalie Portman acts so well that you sympathize with everything she is going through?

On a sidenote, Portman never looked sexier onscreen. 

Happy guy meets assertive girl and they decide to become fuck buddies. Everything goes so well until they fall for each other, and assertive girl maintains her thick overcoat of emotional distance. Or does she?

Basically we watch this types of movies to escape. NO STRINGS ATTACHED is ridiculously funny I laughed so loud several times. I could not believe the guy who gave us ROAD TRIP and GHOSTBUSTERS directed a romcom. Ivan Reitman presents his two leads with such chemistry and emotional attachment that they're irresistible onscreen. In the hands of an amateur, this film would really suck. 

The cliches are there. You have your stock characters that you don't really need (Greta Gerwig deserves better than this!) and then there's a predictable sequence of events. Some events are preposterous even. Kevin Kline? Sure he's hilarious here, but dating his son's ex?

What makes one attached to NO STRINGS ATTACHED is the anticipation that Kutcher and Portman will end up together, and they do (like you didn't know). But you want to be with them every step of the way anyway. 

My favorite scene: Natalie Portman eating a box of donuts, driving, crying, and listening to Leona Lewis. That was just pathetic, and downright funny.

I loved the film for all its silliness, but it doesn't mean I'm tolerating the romcom formula from which this movie heavily relies on. 



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