LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Tomas Alfredson)

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN came out during the height of the 'Twilight' fever, and as such one cannot help comparing the two. First of all, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN being compared to Twilight is shameful. The distance is so far.

The film is a silent, moody, and atmospheric treatment of the vampire genre. You have an adorable young vampire girl named Eli, whose real age we'll never know, who gets close with a young bullied boy named Oskar. At times LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is a love story between two unlikely individuals, and what amazes me is how strong the scenes are where the two of them are together. Let's say the part where Oskar attempts a blood promise, and Eli drools over his blood, and especially that climax where I'm waiting for Eli to rescue Oskar from local bullies, and she does- those are moments you never forget.

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is also an unconventional vampire movie, devoid of any irritating and poorly- written backstory about the characters, and instead filled with moments for the viewer to breath in the chilly atmosphere of the movie. 

I can't wait to watch the Hollywood remake.



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