My initial reaction before seeing this movie was: THIS WAS DIRECTED BY THE GUY WHO GAVE US "THE SIEGE" AND "THE LAST SAMURAI"?

Basically, the whole movie is about a criticism of the pharmaceutical industry, Parkinson's disease, and Anne Hathaway naked half of the time.

The good thing about the film: the role reversal. Gyllenhaal's womanizing character meets his match in an artist (Hathaway) who knows more about emotionless sex than he does.

Hathaway manages to score some heavy dramatic moments, expanding her acting range further. Gyllenhaal can be charming and then defenseless in the next scene, which is a plus. What the film fails to achieve is a faster pace, or a more energetic mood at least. It's depressing-Hathaway's character is ill, but that doesn't mean we have to feel sorry for the slow pacing and the somber mood. It runs out your patience.Then again it is directed by a man known for his slow pacing.(THE LAST SAMURAI seemed forever I thought it wasn't gonna end).

The ending scene where Gyllenhaal realizes he's a dork and chases the love of his life is textbook cliche. Filmmakers just couldn't cut that out; it's like a disease plaguing romcoms.

Nevertheless, the film has its honest moments, and there are some intelligent lines on the script, mostly from Hathaway's character.The Viagra irony emasculating Jake's character is a fine touch too. Pfizer ought to be celebrating for the hypercommercialism.



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