In case you didn't know, this is the original French film from which THE TOURIST was based on. 

Although not exactly a great film, its' superiority from the horrid remake is the simplicity of the plot, with minimal non sequitur. 

THE TOURIST was funnier though. 

And the backdrop is better photographed in THE TOURIST, though that aerial shot (ANTHONY ZIMMER) of the train passing along the steep mountains of the French countryside is equally fascinating.

Yvan Attal made a better career criminal. Suave, calculating, and enigmatic. Sami Frey as the detective is so effectively magnetic. Sophie Marceau as Chiara is okay. Angelina Jolie was just all gloss in THE TOURIST.

I have a problem with the story (both here and in THE TOURIST).  How can the police be so dumb? Sami Frey doesn't look like he is the type to be fooled. How can Chiara not know? And how can she pick the right person at the right time during that train scene?

Oh well. 



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