I'm not an expert on witchcraft lore, and I am definitely not a witch, but I can tell you PRACTICAL MAGIC is not the way to go. At least four talented actresses, wasted. 

The plot is inconsistent; the moods are constantly shifting, and worst of all the film adaptation relies on deux et machina. I'm not familiar if the book is any good, but the film definitely isn't.

There is a reason why I always chance upon this movie on TV and never get to watch it in full- I was being warned. 

As a relief, there were some fun moments in the film. However, the whole plot is so poorly constructed I am ashamed for everyone involved in the creation of PRACTICAL MAGIC. 

A sibling blood compact and a bunch of women holding a broom covenant isn't believable. There aren't even enough literary sources that can attest to the veracity of these scenarios. Even Anne Rice would Hemingway herself. 



  1. Better watch Death Becomes Her!
    Alice Hoffman wrote the book. Been reading her books for quite some time. She's a terrific writer. I don't know what happened with the book's adaptation. Too bad for Sandra and Nicole.


  2. I saw DBH already pero I forgot na. Nga pala I got a copy of THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK. Cher, Pfeiffer, Sarandon, Nicholson. Wana read the book by John Updike


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